To Kill A Mocking Bird

Sometimes we all find that we do not have enough time to accomplish the things that matter to us. Actually, just by changing the way we manage our time, we can finish and complete all the things we want to, and even have some time left over. We have 24hours in each day and the fact is not going to change, so we must identify the important goals and aims that truly matter to us in order to lead a fulfilled lifestyle. If we cannot manage time, we cannot manage our self. So, to make the most out of today, effective time management is crucial.

Effective time management can improve the quality of our life and it gives us many benefits for example reduction of stress, increased of productivity, better health and the list goes on.There are a few techniques of personal time management. One of the techniques is to prepare a time log. We need to have a very clear idea on what needs to be done, when it will be done and how long it will take to accomplish, this is where a time plan comes in. In my academic life, with so much assignment to do and complete, I start to realize that managing my time is the most challenging aspect.

Therefore, I will note down which assignments I have to do on that day and how long it will take me to accomplish it. It allows me to schedule my events easily so that I have enough time to spend on my works and assignments. In my personal life, preparing a time log gives me a clear picture of how my hours are spent and also it is easier for me to make some necessary adjustments to avoid wasting my time in some unhealthy events or activities. Besides that, it also allows me to be aware of what is going on.The other technique of personal time management is to know what our goals are about.

Have we ever asked our self that, what is our purpose of living? Perhaps some people would simply answer that “I was born to have fun and enjoy life” I would say that these people are blur and don’t have any goals or dreams to achieve. Sometimes we have to sit down and question our self, what we want in our life instead of wasting the precious time in some unhealthy event. Time waits for no one, so make sure that we are clear about our inner desires and determined to achieve them! In my academic life, I am clear about what I am going to do and which assignment has to be done on that day. For example, if I set a goal of completing the English assignment by this evening, I will complete it on time and will not leave the assignment until the next day. I will not get distracted easily by an invitation from a friend to attend a party or event.

In my personal life, to find out what my goals are, SMART goal setting method helps! SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Setting specific goals help me to focus on my efforts and knowing what I am doing at the moment. When I measure my progress, I will always be on the track and never lose my focus. Therefore, setting a measurable goal is important.

Besides that, my goals have to be attainable. I will not set the goals which are too far for me to achieve, because if I do, I probably won’t commit of doing it. In order not to end up wasting my time on the unrealistic goals, my goals have to be realistic. It means I will make sure that the goals can be attained with effort and not too difficult. Lastly, I will set a timeframe for my goals.

For example, I will accomplish the goal by next week or in two months. By setting a time limit, I will have the urgency of completing my goals.Staying focus on the important things is also another technique of personal time management. How many times have we sat at our desk and try to focus on a project or task, but we ended up doing other things which are not related with our goals? In this materialistic world, there are so many distractions which can easily allow us to lose our focus on the targets that we really want to achieve in our lives. Therefore, staying focus and concentrate on working the tasks is essential on the road to effective personal time management.

In my academic life, I will sleep earlier and try not to overeat before going to bed because getting a good night’s sleep helps me to do well in school. Besides that, I also prepared a note book for each subject so that I will be listening and writing down on what the lecturer is teaching. By this way, I can keep my mind focus in the class and I won’t be daydreaming like there is no tomorrow. In my personal life, in order for me to stay focus on the tasks that I want to accomplish, I will make sure I consume enough of nutrition daily. I will start my day off with a healthy and well-balanced breakfast before I go to school so that I won’t be starving in the class and I can fully focus on the lessons. I can’t agree more based on this statement, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar” Besides that, I also drink a lot of water, which most of the people think that it is not important.

Water is vital for our body to function efficiently and stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead us to tiredness, slow and at the end we can’t perform well in the things we do.