The Open Boat Analysis

The Open Boat was published in 1898 and was written by Stephen Crane. This story is considered to be one of the short stories that were considered to be of most profound naturalistic nature. This story depicts the conflict and difference between men and nature and the circumstances under which the inner selves of the characters are revealed along with the forced comradeship that becomes so vital while it becomes so rigorous to survive as it is presented in this story. (Kar, 2006)This story includes passages that evoke vivid and integrated description of nature and the beast force that nature can exhale at times.

It is also a contrast as because all the names of the characters possess name with a single word as if these men are placed on the opposite dimension of nature. From this perspective it is found that the small force of human group acting as crew members is bonding themselves with each other to fight against a formidable force or nature in this case. This unification of men is also faced with death and this theme is presented in a philosophical manner yet served in a wonderfully reflexive and rich stylish mode. This confrontation with death revels as a human virtue with all its splendors of presentation revealing the truth of oneness of a commune as an operational force against mighty odds and the struggle for survival for mutual benefits that eclipse  the immediate need of individual safety measurements.

In this battle for life the author focuses his theme on the availability or manufacturing ability of human solidarity and hope. For these struggling men in the story the term solidarity is not just a word but an instrument necessary for survival as this solidarity appears to be the only available resource around.It is referred in the text that the men knew nothing of the color of the sky. (Crane, 1978) the reason behind this is that the men are so busy surviving and collaborating with the other fellow crews that they are unable to take their eyes off the waves.

  This shows their determination as a team and all through the story it has been evoked that this team is cooperating with each other against a common force of nature. However, it is not always just about crawling towards survival there are times when we find the crews, specifically the captain, making fun of the situation with light comments within misery. This also proves the togetherness of the men as these jokes or light comments acts as common bond among the men. Additionally, it should be noted that the author does not speak of individual heroism nor the men think in this line too. Because in a pack there is no room for individual heroism and such feelings only creates barrier among men which logically enough is absent among this crew.

(Fletcher, 2003)At the concluding part it would be commonsensical justification that this story The Open boat by Stephen Crane is a documentation of humane adventures where it extols the virtues of human effort and community through the predicament of the men at sea. Alongside, it is also evident that the men and their collective experience in an effort to survive manifest the perennial thoughts on human effort and being a community.