The Ethics Of Genetic Engineering

The Ethics of Genetic Engineering Is it Right, or Wrong? Is genetic engineering right or wrong? That seems to be the newest question of biology. In some ways its right, but in some ways its wrong. Genetic Engineering can cure a lot of severe diseases. For a short list of examples; cancer and AIDS. They are some the worlds most severe diseases. Cancer alone kills millions and millions of people each year.

AIDS on the other hand doesn’t have a full cure; but there is a prescription dose that people with AIDS can get to cure them from cancer for a short time. If we found a full cure to AIDS or cancer, we would probably already be on Mars (people who have been killed from these diseases could of been people who created ways to get to outer planets)! Genetic Engineering is that cure! All scientist have to do, I word it like its an easy thing to do, is find the rest of the letters in our DNA (you will learn about DNA later in this report). Genetic engineering can also help people who have disabilities. It will make disabilities rare. Also, people who don’t have abilities they want can make sure that their kids do have the ability. For example, if I wasn’t an athletic person, I could make it so my kids were. This is an amazing ability! Genetic engineering can also make people who are big boned, have small, or normal bone sizes.

Genetic engineering has nothing to do with what kind of foods you like, or what your favorite color is. It does make sure you have a certain color of eye, or feature. I have my moms cleft chin. I could make it so my kid has no chance of having a cleft chin. Genetic Engineering is changing the instructions in your DNA.

You see, DNA is made up of a twisting “ladder” on the ladder are different “steps.”.