Situational Leadership II developed by Kenneth H

Situational Leadership II developed by Kenneth H. Blanchard and his colleagues where they explain how to match a leadership style to the capabilities of group members on a given task. (Dubrin, 2016, p. 155)
In order to reflect myself towards situational leadership style from the results of the quizzes I tend to possess a strong situational perspective as a leader and also came to know that within this style I am more towards participative (S3) where a leader focuses more on relationship building with sub-ordinates and the followers show high competency, variable commitment, a leader takes out time in listening and praising sub-ordinates, making them feel good and on the other hand a coaching role (S2) where leader focuses highly on both tasks as well as relationship building where the followers show some competency, variable commitment, a leader spends time in listening, advising sub-ordinates on how they can enhance their skills, knowledge and attributes by being a coach.
After going through the results I see myself going on the right track and also did well with situational leadership in my previous workplaces because this clearly matched and responded well within the needs of the situation my sub-ordinates were in.